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Trailblazer League
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All skills available in the main game are available in the Trailblazer League. Skills in Trailblazer League can be trained very similarly to that of regular ironman accounts, depending on what combination of areas are chosen as unlocks. Players will begin with level 3 Herblore, 5 Runecraft, and level 10 Agility to enable herblore training, runecraft training, and the use of the Draynor Village rooftop agility course.

Experience received for training any skill will be multiplied by 5x the usual rate. By unlocking relic tiers 2, 4, and 6, this multiplier can be increased to 8x, 12x, and 16x, respectively.

Experience Rewards[edit | edit source]

All experience rewards, either through quest completion, reward items such as experience lamps or the Book of knowledge, or via minigames such as Tears of Guthix will be multiplied by the player's current experience multiplier. Quest experience rewards will not be given for autocompleted quests via region unlocks, but will be given if completed otherwise.

Skills and Skillcapes[edit | edit source]

Skill capes will be available in the Trailblazer league for the usual cost of 99,000 coins from the usual skill master, with the exception of the max cape, which may be purchased for 2,277,000 coins.

Skill Skillcape Region Master Location Skillcape Perk
Agility icon.pngAgility Karamja Karamja Cap'n Izzy No-Beard Brimhaven Agility Arena -4 kg in weight reduction. Acts as Graceful cape.[1]
Attack icon.pngAttack Asgarnia Asgarnia Ajjat Warriors' Guild While equipped, it negates the need for warrior guild tokens when accessing the basement and 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] in the Warriors' GuildAsgarnia.
Construction icon.pngConstruction Misthalin Misthalin Any Estate agent or Alwyn Varrock, Seers' Village, Falador, Ardougne, Prifddinas Unlimited teleports to the player's own house and to the house portals located in RimmingtonAsgarnia, TaverleyAsgarnia, PollnivneachDesert, RellekkaFremennik, BrimhavenKaramja, YanilleKandarin and PrifddinasTirannwn.[2]
Cooking icon.pngCooking Misthalin Misthalin Head chef Cooks' Guild Never burn while Cooking.
Crafting icon.pngCrafting Asgarnia Asgarnia Master Crafter Crafting Guild Unlimited teleports to the Crafting guildAsgarnia.
Defence icon.pngDefence Misthalin Misthalin Melee combat tutor Lumbridge While equipped, players may toggle the cape to act as a Ring of life.
Farming icon.pngFarming Misthalin Misthalin Martin the Master Gardener Draynor Village Herb patches will have a 5% increase in yield, stacks with magic secateurs.[3]
Firemaking icon.pngFiremaking Kandarin Kandarin Ignatius Vulcan South of Seers' Village While equipped or in inventory, acts as an inextinguishable light source.
Fishing icon.pngFishing Kandarin Kandarin Master Fisher Fishing Guild Unlimited teleports to either the Fishing GuildKandarin or Otto's GrottoKandarin.
Fletching icon.pngFletching Kandarin Kandarin Hickton Catherby Obtain a mithril grapple and bronze crossbow three times per day.
Herblore icon.pngHerblore Asgarnia Asgarnia Kaqemeex Taverley Obtain a pestle and mortar. While equipped, players can use grimy herbs to create unfinished potions.
Hitpoints icon.pngHitpoints Desert Desert Surgeon General Tafani Duel Arena Natural hitpoint restoration rate is doubled. The effect does not stack with Rapid Heal, but does stack with the regen bracelet.
Hunter icon.pngHunter Kandarin Kandarin Hunting expert Feldip Hills Five teleports per day to the Red chinchompas in the Feldip Hunter areaKandarin or to the Black chinchompasWilderness hunter area.
Magic icon.pngMagic Kandarin Kandarin Wizard Sinina Wizards' Guild Five permanent spellbook swaps per day. Useless without also unlocking the Lunar spellbookFremennik or the Ancient spellbookDesert.
Mining icon.pngMining Asgarnia Asgarnia Gadrin Mining Guild While equipped, there is a 5% chance of receiving an extra ore while mining ore up to adamantite, granting experience for both ores mined. This effect stacks with those of the Varrock armourMisthalin, mining glovesAsgarnia, superior mining glovesAsgarnia, and expert mining glovesAsgarnia.
Prayer icon.pngPrayer Asgarnia Asgarnia Brother Jered Edgeville Monastery While equipped or in inventory, each dose of prayer potion restores 2 extra prayer points. Effect does not stack with a holy wrenchMorytania or a ring of the gods (i)Wilderness+Kandarin.
Ranged icon.pngRanged Kandarin Kandarin Armour salesman Ranging Guild Acts as an Ava's accumulatorAsgarnia+Morytania to save 72% of ammo, or an Ava's assemblerFremennik to save 80% of ammo if a Vorkath's headFremennik is used on it.
Runecraft icon.pngRunecraft Misthalin Misthalin Aubury South-east Varrock While equipped allows access to all runecrafting altars and prevents runecrafting pouches from degrading. This is the only way to use runecrafting pouches to train without unlocking the Wilderness.
Slayer icon.pngSlayer Karamja Karamja Duradel Shilo Village While equipped or in inventory, there is a 10% chance of having a previous slayer task reassigned when obtaining a new slayer task.
Smithing icon.pngSmithing Asgarnia Asgarnia Thurgo Near Mudskipper Point While equipped, it allows the coal bagAsgarnia to hold 36 coal instead of 27 and provides the experience-boosting effect of the goldsmith gauntletsDesert+Fremennik.
Strength icon.pngStrength Asgarnia Asgarnia Sloane Warriors' Guild Unlimited teleports to the Warriors' GuildAsgarnia.
Thieving icon.pngThieving Asgarnia Asgarnia Martin Thwait Rogues' Den While equipped, players pickpocketing NPCs will have an additional 10% chance of being successful. This effect stacks multiplicatively with the Ardougne DiaryKandarin or gloves of silenceKandarin bonuses.
Woodcutting icon.pngWoodcutting Misthalin Misthalin Wilfred Lumbridge While equipped, players will have an additional 10% chance of a bird nest falling while chopping trees.
Max cape.png All 99s Asgarnia Asgarnia Mac West of the Warriors' Guild Its stats are equivalent to a trimmed skillcape. It inherits all skillcape perks from other skillcapes. It may also be combined with other capes as a cosmetic override. E.G. Infernal max cape.
  1. Graceful effect is irrelevant due to infinite run energy in Trailblazer League.
  2. Hosidius teleport disabled during Trailblazer League.
  3. Farming guild teleport disabled during Trailblazer League.

First players to achieve level 99[edit | edit source]

Below is a chronological list of the first players to reach level 99 in each skill.