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Scape Main is the music that plays on the login screen of RuneScape 2 and Old School RuneScape. During holiday events, it is replaced by similar variations of the track, such as Scape Santa or Scape Scared. The track is unlocked automatically upon the first login.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

The track is a modification of Scape Original. The original theme undergoes a switch from the key signature of C Major to G Minor. This track has a constant tempo of 135, and it starts with slow strings and vocals simply playing G notes on multiple octaves. A flute joins in eventually, playing notes F, D, F, and G repeatedly, performing a crescendo and then decrescendo until a trombone lead takes over. The trombone gives a slight feel as to what to expect, followed by a harp playing downward and seems to slow down as if it would come to a stop. Suddenly, an ensemble of orchestral instruments starts playing. The harp plays a low mythical sounding series of notes in G Minor, specifically using notes D, G, A, and B♭. The harp rises up to start the theme song. When it reaches the end of the flute part, it descends down before playing the theme song once more before ending with brass and a harp fading out. There is also a slight hint of percussion at the end that helps to conclude the song.

Trivia[edit | edit source]