Mithril bolts

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Mithril bolts detail.png
Mithril bolts (p) detail.png
Mithril bolts (p) detail.png
Mithril bolts (p) detail.png

Mithril bolts are a ranged projectile which are fired from a mithril crossbow or higher (requiring 36 or higher Ranged).

To create mithril bolts, a player must first smith unfinished mithril bolts by using a mithril bar on an anvil while carrying a hammer. This requires a Smithing level of 53, and for each mithril bar that player smiths, they will get 10 unfinished mithril bolts and 50 Smithing experience. Then, a player must attach feathers to the bolts. Attaching feathers to each bolt requires a Fletching level of 54 and 1 feather, granting 5 Fletching experience per bolt.

Mithril bolts may be tipped with sapphire, emerald, or a grapple. To tip the bolts with sapphire, a player must have a Fletching level of 56 and use sapphire bolt tips with the mithril bolts, granting 4.7 Fletching experience for each sapphire bolt tip attached and making the mithril bolts into sapphire bolts. To tip the bolts with emerald, a player must have a Fletching level of 58 and use emerald bolt tips with the mithril bolts, granting 5.5 Fletching experience for each emerald bolt tip attached and making the mithril bolts into Emerald bolts. To tip a bolt with a grapple, a player must use a mithril grapple tip on the mithril bolt, granting 11 Fletching experience, and also a rope, making a mithril grapple.

They are commonly used for Ranged training due to them being modestly priced with a good damage output.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Fletching Fletching54 (b)50
Member icon.png
Ticks2 (1.2s)
Mithril bolts (unf) 5.pngMithril bolts (unf)10720
Total Cost750
Mithril bolts 5.pngMithril bolts10570

Products[edit | edit source]

Emerald bolts 5.pngEmerald bolts × 10
Member icon.png
  • 58 Fletching
  • 55 Fletching
Mith grapple (unf).pngMith grapple (unf)
Member icon.png
  • 59 Fletching
  • 11 Fletching
Sapphire bolts 5.pngSapphire bolts × 10
Member icon.png
  • 56 Fletching
  • 47 Fletching

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Ambassador FerrnookN/A Casket.png16–35Common
Ambassador GimblewapN/A Casket.png16–35Common
Ambassador SpanfippleN/A Casket.png16–35Common
Bronze dragon131; 143 Multicombat.png2–126/128
Captain BleemadgeN/A Casket.png16–35Common
Captain DalburN/A Casket.png16–35Common
Captain KlemfoodleN/A Casket.png16–35Common
Chaos druid13 Multicombat.png2–124/128
Coffin (Hallowed Sepulchre) LowN/A Casket.png50–1501/10
Elder Chaos druid129 Multicombat.png8–286/129
Forgotten Soul20 Multicombat.png12–24Uncommon
G.L.O. CaranockN/A Casket.png16–35Common
GarkorN/A Casket.png16–35Common
Gnome RestaurantN/A Casket.png16–35Common
Gnormadium AvlafrimN/A Casket.png16–35Common
Hallowed sackN/A Casket.png50–1505 × 1/10
HazelmereN/A Casket.png16–35Common
King BolrenN/A Casket.png16–35Common
Lieutenant SchepburN/A Casket.png16–35Common
PenwieN/A Casket.png16–35Common
Professor ManglethorpN/A Casket.png16–35Common
Professor OnglewipN/A Casket.png16–35Common
Sarachnis318 Multicombat.png175–2252/100