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Twisted League
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The Twisted League is full of interesting strategy decisions and unique challenges unlike any other way of playing RuneScape. This guide aims to help players in whatever their League goals may be, by providing information about the League's mechanics, outlining different League training methods, and giving advice on how to succeed in the League's various activities.

Getting started[edit | edit source]

The initial spawn location is at the Kourend Castle, which has a number of opportunities for low-level training. For example, nearby Men and Women can be pickpocketed for Thieving training, and Trees can be cut down to train Woodcutting. Just east of Kourend Castle is Port Piscarilius, which has a Fishing store and a number of handy Fishing spots. Port Piscarilius is also the home of Veos, who can start the first quest available in the League, Client of Kourend. Client of Kourend tasks the player with visiting every city in Great Kourend, so it's nice to get started early on. A Feather for the quest is most easily obtained by killing a Chicken, which can be found in North-west Hosidius.

Moving on, it is up to the player what path they choose to take. This will depend on personal preference, as well as any Relic choices they have made. Completing Client of Kourend early on may be prudent, as the two Antique lamps it rewards can be used to gain 2,500 experience in any skill, which can be handy for skipping some slow, low-level training in skills such as Hunter or Smithing. Completing the quest also gives a Kourend favour certificate for 20% favour in any city, which is often used for Port Piscarilius favour, to skip having to repair cranes and skip straight to digging for Buckets of sandworms. After completing Client of Kourend and earning some favour in a city, it is possible to start the other quests in the Great Kourend quest series, which can be completed for their favour, experience, and Coins rewards.

Relics[edit | edit source]

Main article: Twisted League/Relics

Relics are powerful passive bonuses unlocked with points earned by completing League Tasks. It is important to note that choosing a Relic is a permanent decision, and can not be undone. Because of this, some players do not choose a starting Relic as soon as possible, instead waiting until they are certain which choice will benefit them the most. Each relic will have a significant impact on the best playstyle and training methods available to a player, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Starting Relics[edit | edit source]

Relic Notes
Abyssal Accumulator

You save 85% of your ammunition and runes.

Saving ammunition is especially useful due to the lack of any shops that sell arrows or bolts, especially early on before Broad bolts and Broad arrows are available. At higher levels, saving ammunition will help save on preparation time and cost when using high-level ammo like Diamond bolts (e) or hard-to-obtain ammo like Dragon arrows.

Saving on rune costs is most notable for its ability to save on Nature rune, Cosmic rune, and Law rune usage, as those three notable runes can not be bought from a shop. This can open up more training methods that require teleportation spells, or allow for easy money making through the use of alchemy spells. Of course, saving on runes also makes training Magic through any method much cheaper, and can save on Blood runes that might otherwise need to be crafted.

Endless Endurance

Your run energy drain-rate is reduced to 0 and your hitpoints restore 4 times as quickly.

Infinite run energy is generally helpful when travelling around, especially with the limited methods of transportation available within the League. Having the ability to constantly run while training skills like Runecraft can also significantly increase experience rates and resource gains. The run energy bonus is particularly notable due to the lack of any weight-reducing clothing in the League, as well as the difficulty in obtaining Super energy and Stamina potions.

The increased hitpoints restoration rate is generally useful in all kinds of combat, or while training at places like the Wintertodt where the player will take incidental damage. This Relic effect also stacks with Rapid Heal and the Regen bracelet, allowing for 8x Hitpoints restoration (or even 16x if both are used).

Dark Altar Devotion

Bones dropped by creatures are automatically buried and award 4 times the experience. Ensouled heads now drop two at a time. Your prayer drains at 1/2 the rate.

This Relic is mostly focused on the Prayer skill, both for training it and using it at all times. Burying each bone for 4 times its usual experience is significantly better than the Limestone altar and the Sacred Bone Burner, which are the two best available experience-increasing altars available in the League. Automatically burying the bones also saves on time, and within the Catacombs of Kourend even returns a small amount of Prayer points for free.

Extra ensouled heads allows for fast training at the Dark Altar, as long as the player has enough runes to reanimate them all. The lowered prayer drain makes pretty much all combat easier, and can save on Prayer restoring potions like Prayer potions and Super restores.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Main article: Twisted League/Tasks

Skill training[edit | edit source]

Training Skills in Twisted League can be very similar to that of regular accounts or wildly different, depending on the skill and method. For example, training Firemaking is done much like any other account, progressing from low-level logs to fighting the Wintertodt at higher levels. On the other hand, training skills like Agility and Crafting must utilise creative methods because of the limited options.

See the following guides for training each skill:

Getting around[edit | edit source]

Main article: /Transportation

Xeric's talisman and Kharedst's memoirs are the two most effective ways to get around Kourend and Kebos, but there are a variety of other useful methods, including the minecart network and Magic spells. See the transportation guide for a full list, and maps.

Favour[edit | edit source]

Gaining favour from the different cities of Great Kourend is essential for progressing in Twisted League, since nearly all of the quests, and some of the best methods for training Cooking, Thieving, Runecraft and Mining, are locked behind favour requirements. See the guide for strategies on quickly gaining favour.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Main article: /Equipment

Money making[edit | edit source]

Main article: /Money making

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

Main article: /Treasure Trails

Treasure Trails steps are limited to those within Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands. This drastically limits the amount of clue steps available, decreasing requirements significantly and making clues much faster to complete in general.

Quests, Miniquests and Achievement Diary[edit | edit source]

There are only a few quests available in Twisted League:

All are novice-level quests with minimal requirements, and have useful rewards (including hard-to-obtain coins).

Similarly, the Kourend & Kebos Diary has useful rewards (including XP lamps), and is worth prioritising.

The Architectural Alliance miniquest gives a 50,000 XP lamp for getting 100% favour from all five houses, and is worth doing fairly early, because of all of the things that favour unlocks.

In Search of Knowledge is not worth prioritising, and will happen over time while killing monsters in the Forthos Dungeon for other reasons.

Obtaining items[edit | edit source]

Many items that are normally easy to obtain become much harder to get in Twisted League. Without being able to trade with other players, the main ways to get items are:

In most cases, the item page on the wiki will specify the ways that each item can be obtained in Twisted League, denoted with a px Twisted League icon.

Refer to Category:Items accessible in Twisted League for an exhaustive list of items that can be obtained and the slot tables below for a list of items in each slot.