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Prayer is regarded to be the most difficult skill to train in free-to-play due to the expense involved in purchasing large numbers of bones from the Grand Exchange, low experience rates, and the high amount of clicking required to train the skill.

Starting off[edit | edit source]

The Restless Ghost provides you with 1,125 experience which allows a player to raise Prayer from level 1 to 9 upon completion. There are no requirements to begin this quest (melee defensive armour is optional but useful) and is strongly recommended for beginning players as it provides a fairly decent amount of experience for relatively little effort.

Bone Yard[edit | edit source]


The Bone Yard in the Wilderness (directly north of Varrock) has many spawns of bones and a few spawns of big bones with no killing required.


  • Food (optional) - There are multiple level 20-25 skeletons in this area. Be sure to bring enough food to last for a while if you do not wish to fight them.
  • Armour - Due to the fact that this is the Wilderness and that there are skeletons in this area, it is recommended that players wear armour they do not mind losing.
  • A weapon (optional) - If you choose to fight the skeletons, you can also gain a slight amount of experience just from that. They also drop bones.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

There are multiple strategies you could use for this method. Any way works, which one is best is for you to decide.

Method one:

  1. Run in and collect bones.
  2. Run out to safety and bury the bones.
  3. Repeat.

Method two:

  1. Fight skeletons to obtain their bones as well. A higher combat level would make this easier.
  2. Once the area is safe, collect all bones.
  3. Bury all bones.
  4. Repeat.

Method three:

  1. While this method will delay the start of prayer training, if you enter two aggressive areas among the piles of bones, skeletons will no longer be aggressive in those areas after waiting 10 minutes.
    1. Make sure you don't go away too far that would cause you to enter a new aggressive area, otherwise skeletons will be aggressive again for another 10 minutes.
    2. World hopping will not reset the aggression timer.
  2. With this method, food and armour will not be needed and without having any weighted items on you (thus, having 0 kg of weight), you can run around burying bones for a longer period of time before running out of run energy.
    1. With this method, while you will have to wait 10 minutes to start training, you can expect a faster experience rate than the other two methods once you start running to collect and bury bones non-stop.

You can always find what works for yourself as well.

Low-level areas[edit | edit source]

Many low level areas consist of people killing monsters. People often do not pick up the bones that lie on the ground, therefore there is often an endless supply of free bones.

Areas include:

There are of course more spots, but these are amongst the most common spots for people to be leaving loot on the ground.

High-level areas[edit | edit source]

Big bones are dropped by the following monsters in Free-to-play in these areas.

Among these monsters, killing giant frogs are the fastest due to their low hitpoints and defence.

Power-burying[edit | edit source]

The best prayer experience rates for prayer in free-to-play are achieved by burying large numbers of bones bought from the Grand Exchange. This is an click intensive and expensive method for training the skill. However considering that Prayer may be the single most difficult skill to train in F2P, arguably this is the method you should prefer because it is the only efficient method. The high cost can be offset by a focus on efficiently making money. It should be noted that training Prayer as a member is significantly more cost-effective, so you may want to postpone training until after you become member.

Bone type Experience XP/hr Hours to 99 # for 99 Cost Cost for 99 GP/XP
Bones.pngBones 4.5 13,050 ~1000 2,896,541 98 283,861,018 21.78
Big bones.pngBig bones 15 43,500 ~300 868,962 168 145,985,616 11.2