Animal Magnetism

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Animal Magnetism is a quest during which you help Ava in Draynor Manor. The quest is required to access Ava's accumulator, a powerful ranged cape slot item.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Ava chathead.png
The start point.

To start the quest, talk to Ava on the ground floor in the west wing of Draynor Manor. You'll have to search a bookshelf to open a secret door to get to her.

You find out she is the new assistant of the professor at the top of the manor. After talking for a while, she says she will make you something if you get her some things to fix her bed. She will tell you she needs two undead chickens.

Undead chickens (Morytania)[edit | edit source]

Items needed: A ghostspeak amulet and 20 ecto-tokens (bring 4 empty pots, 4 empty buckets, and 4 bones if you wish to obtain the tokens during the quest)

Go to the undead chicken farm west of the Ectofuntus with your ghostspeak amulet and ecto-tokens (or materials for them), and talk to Alice.

After finishing the conversation with Alice, talk to her husband located in the farm, near the undead cows. Keep on talking between Alice and her husband until you find out he wants to speak to her directly; in order to do that, you must get the Old Crone to make a modified ghost-speak amulet for Alice's husband.

Cow31337Killer appears and kills Bessie!
Audio options icon.png
Animal Magnetism cutscene track
The music track that only plays during the quest's cutscene.

Go to the crone, who is located in a small house on the east side of the Slayer Tower. After talking to her (twice), she gives you a crone-made amulet.

Note: You must be wearing a ghostspeak amulet to give Alice's husband the crone-made amulet.

Deliver the amulet to Alice's husband at the farm. Talk to him again: an amusing cutscene will play, involving a fake player character named Cow31337Killer (31337 being leet-speak for "elite"). After Alice's husband has successfully caught some undead chickens, he will finally offer to sell them to you—for 10 ecto-tokens each.

Note: If you brought pots, buckets, and bones to obtain ecto-tokens, read here on how to get them. Also remember that if you have not completed Ghosts Ahoy, you will need two additional tokens to enter Port Phasmatys, so you may want to bring extra materials.

Remember: Before leaving, buy two undead chickens from Alice's husband for a total of 20 ecto-tokens.

Magnet (Draynor Manor & Crafting Guild)[edit | edit source]

Items needed: 5 iron bars, a hammer, and your two undead chickens.

Items recommended: Skills necklace for teleport to Crafting Guild

Return to Ava, and give her the undead chickens. She will now need a magnet. Speak with the witch in the north-west corner of the manor (twice), and give her your 5 iron bars. She will give you a selected iron, and instructions on how to turn the bar into a magnet.

Creating the bar magnet

Teleport with your skills necklace to the Crafting Guild (or teleport to home if your house is at Rimmington, or teleport to Pest Control minigame and take a ship to Port Sarim and run from there, or use Falador teleport (tablet)), run to the centre of the mine north-east of Rimmington, and use a hammer on the selected iron while facing north to turn it into a bar magnet. If you are not facing north, it will not work. Get a Mithril axe now to save some time.

Return to Ava with the magnet, and she will tell you her next request.

  • You will also get 50 experience in Crafting when you give Ava the magnet and you will get the message Your work with the magnet increases your Crafting experience slightly.

Undead twigs[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Mithril axe, and a holy symbol

Items recommended: Games necklace (or some other way to quickly travel to Burthorpe, such as the minigame teleport to the Games Room )

Ava will now tell you she needs undead twigs from one of the undead trees around the manor. You will need to cut one of Draynor's undead trees (not the normal dead trees that you can chop, but the type that attack you as you walk past).

Cutting the undead tree.

Try cutting an attacking tree; when this fails return to Ava and tell her. She will tell you to go see Turael, as he has been using the Slayer skill to figure out a way to defeat the undead trees.

Use your Combat bracelet to teleport to the Warriors' Guild (or Burthorpe Games Room minigame teleport, or Games necklace to Burthorpe) and talk to Turael, the slayer master to the south-east. Turael says he will give you a blessed axe in exchange for a mithril axe and a holy symbol. Supply him with these two items, and he will give you the blessed axe, which can be used to cut the undead trees.

Return to Draynor Manor, and chop an undead tree with the blessed axe. If successful, you will receive undead twigs. It is possible to fail at this if you have a low Slayer level. If you do fail, simply click the tree again until you obtain the twigs.

Deliver the undead twigs to Ava: she will tell you she has almost completed the invention she is preparing for you, but some of the research notes she's gathered still need translating.

Translating the notes[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Hard leather and polished buttons

The notes translated

You will now have to translate her research notes. See the picture to find out the combination. To change the colours of the buttons along the bottom, simply click on them.

Once you have ungarbled the notes, talk to Ava, and she will tell you to get a piece of hard leather and some polished buttons to finish the device. You'll receive a pattern along with 50 Crafting experience, which you will need to combine with a piece of hard leather and some polished buttons to create a container.

Hand the container over to Ava, and the quest is complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Animal Magnetism reward scroll.png

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Completion of Animal Magnetism is required for the following:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The quest's name is a reference to a phrase of the same name, referring to either sexual attractiveness or a hypothesised natural force in all living beings.